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New Chapter, retroactively 23rd Nov 2022, 9:23 PM
For anyone keeping track of such things, I belatedly decided I should have started a new official MoE chapter when I came back, so I went back and did it. The Old Chap is now where we are.

MoE Schedule 22nd Nov 2022, 9:36 AM
I'm (very probably) never going back to daily updates, but I hope to get up to three updates a week, or maybe two and a half, with two strips and one bit of "filler".

Oct 30 2022 update 30th Oct 2022, 12:37 PM
I got the tech problem sorted, I think, and you all comments should be visible on the ComicFury site. The ComicGenesis site is still active, but really you should come here for updates.

Still Alive, October 2022 edition 29th Oct 2022, 10:48 PM
Hey everyone. Yes, I really am still alive. I'm sorry for the radio silence for the last.. wow.. going on a year, but I just had to walk away from the MoE. Real Life continues to be an ongoing challenge, but I am going to try and start updating here again. For now, probably just once a week or so. In other news, there's some kind of tech glitch and I can't see your comments in the box next door unless I log directly into the CBox site, but as of a few days ago evidently other people were able to use it, so if you've got something to say, let 'er rip. There's also my email address and the MoE Facebook page. So, onward and sideways.

Still Alive 22nd Nov 2021, 11:30 AM
Thanks to everyone for your understanding. Things are going a little better on the personal front, so I hope to start posting something sometime this week.