This is the new site for the daily fantasy webcomic The Mansion of E. The old ComicGenesis site is still online and has some content that hasn't (yet) been transfered here, such as a written plot-recap and links to other comics.



1st May 2006, 1:00 AM

[[An alleyway, in the Eetown of the past. A younger Woman of Mystery/Scary Lady confronts Shona and Snerk. Snerk is slowly inching away. A large Z can be seen superimposed over the whole scene.]]
WoM: Leave? Don't be silly...
WoM: Now that you are here..

[[She extends her hand, which glows with power.]]
WoM: You simply /must/ stay.

[[Snerk is hypnotized.]]
Snerk: urk

[[Shona stares, unaffected.]]

Shona: Um..
Shona: Was.. something supposed to happen when you did that?

[[The WoM grabs Shona by the neck.]]
Shona: eep!

[[The WoM holds her up.]]
WoM: /How?/
Shona: my head hurts..

[[Shona begins to fade away.]]

[[Snerk is disappearing as well. The WoM summons more power.]]
WoM: /Oh no you d-

[[A large letter Z; Shona and Snerk's visit to the past is over.]]


Strip-Archives posted 18th Jun 2019, 6:17 AM
OK, I plugged away at it, and now the entire strip-archive has been reposted here at ComicFury, and in theory bookmarks will remain stable, but no guarantees. Also, to speed up the process, I skipped pasting in transcripts for a long stretch of strips, so the CF search function doesn't currently cover everything. And a lot of the links back in the archives will go to the ComicGenesis archives instead of here. I'll start working on patching all that next. I probably misposted something at some point, so let me know when you find it.

Voting Reward 2 5th Jun 2019, 12:42 PM
For Voting Reward #2. another image from the archives: an intrepid Gnollish explorer in an unfamiliar environment.

Bookmarking MoE 3rd Jun 2019, 11:33 PM
If you're using bookmarks to mark your place in the archives.. yes, as I plug in more strips, the strip addresses shift. Note that ComicFury does supply a "Save/Load Your Place" feature that seems to work OK even after shifting. Also, there's a permanent address listed for each comic that you can copy and save; with Firefox at least, you can also highlight and right-click on the displayed address and select a "save as bookmark" option. Once I get all the archives loaded, the addresses should stabilize and usual bookmarks will work, but that'll be a while yet.

Calendar feature 2nd Jun 2019, 12:16 PM
I was asked about adding an calendar-archive feature to the ComicFury site. Sadly, that was a ComicGenesis-supplied widget which CF doesn't have. Making one for MoE-CF would be a very complicated endevour for somebody. I'll at least make a greater effort to link back to previous strips.