18th May 2004, 12:00 AM

A certain milestone. All along I have been posting a varying mixture of new and old strips, the latter originally having been displayed in a very crude archive on my personal website where no one ever read them. When I moved to plusher and better-advertised digs here in Keenspace/Comic Genesis, I rebooted from Strip One, and massively expanded the storyline and character roll as I reposted, replaced and/or filled in. Today's strip is the very last "re-run" from the old days; from here on out, it's all new. So if the drawing quality drops off now, I did have a stroke. Or got even more lazy.


Fate of Devil of Angel Classroom 19th Feb 2021, 9:57 AM
For the recent 2021 Comic Fury Valentine's Day Blind Date Crossover, I was assigned The Devil of Angel Classroom, which is a 3D render-comic about the lives and loves of a class at an all-girls school in Japan. The Devil in question is a succubus who accidentally becomes bonded to one of the gals in the class. I enjoyed reading it and using Amaranthe in the MoE. But unfortunately, right as I was posting my set of strips, TDoAC got booted off ComicFury, evidently due to content. (It is not entirely Safe For Work..) Its creator is looking for a new home, but for now there's only a downloadable archive of old strips, located here.

Cameo in Zorgnox's Despository of Earth Sundries 7th Feb 2021, 6:57 AM
Lord Myk of the ComicFury strip Zorgnox's Despository of Earth Sundries did a group shot of a whole bunch of CFites and posted it on Twitter. You might see a vaguely familiar face if you look carefully enough. LM's character Subject M previously made a brief appearance in the Mansion.

Sir Power/MoE crossover 27th Dec 2020, 9:53 PM
Along with all the Christmas 2020 stuff, the creator of The Adventures of Sir Power has some of his characters wandering around various dimensions, and they pay a brief visit to the Mansion starting here. I volunteered the MoE to be used, but contributed nothing to the sequence. Thanks to Zero Hour for including the MoE.

ComicFury Halloween 2020 Crossover 26th Oct 2020, 9:29 AM
I made a contribution to the annual ComicFury Halloween event. The strips don't start going up until The Day Itself, but the intro cover page can be seen here.