30th Oct 2008, 11:00 PM

For Halloween 2008, I did a character costume-swap with G. L. Gillen, creator of the fine Comics Genesis webcomic Squid Ninja, which features, yes, a ninja who can turn into a squid. Among many other things, there's also a vagabond Irishman with a large demon problem, a young woman who fights both monsters and hallucinations, a suspiciously helpful nose, and a talking koi who lives in the ninja's toilet. In short, highly enjoyable weirdness and lots of unanswered questions. Which means if you enjoy the MoE, you'll probably enjoy SN as well, tho be warned that Real Life issues caused the strip to abruptly terminate unfinished in 2013.


ComicGenesis 25th Jan 2020, 9:12 PM
I may literally be the last and only person still using ComicGenesis to post new webcomics,, and I have absolutely no trust in it staying active. So, to repeat a feedback-box statement, the comics I post there are emergency backups, and I don't do anything else with CG, even strip comments. ComicFury is officially my home now.

Posting comments in Firefox 14th Jan 2020, 11:04 AM
As has been discussed, the newest version of Firefox has officially labelled my comments-box hoster Cbox as a "fingerprinter" and default blocks it. I will consider alternatives, including using Comic Fury's less-than-optimal in-house comment system. For the moment, if you want to comment and are willing to do so, you can turn off the blocker just for "" by clicking on the little shield symbol up there next to the site-address and then on the option button that appears in the resulting pop-up box.

SmackJeeves 25th Nov 2019, 2:05 AM
I've heard from a couple of fellow artists now that the owners of the webcomic host site SmackJeeves have decided to slosh around the metaphorical gasoline and burn the place down in the name of (presumably) squeezing out more profit. Useable free venues for this artform continue to narrow, and I appreciate ComicFury for still fighting the good fight.

Archive address reminder 13th Nov 2019, 9:44 PM
Thanks again to Archangel for noting duplications in the archives, which leads to a reminder that the HTTP that appears in your browser's address bar is relative and can change. (Hopefully there will be no more needed corrections, but it can happen..) So if you want to use/have a permanent address for a particular strip, use the one supplied in the little white box that appears under that strip!