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Thanks Again to Whitehound 7th Feb 2019, 7:17 PM
Whitehound has set up an alternative MoE archive at along with a bunch of extra info and explanations. Thanks to her for all her work.

Lack of archives 10th Aug 2017, 4:43 AM

To remind everyone- no, the entire archives of the MoE are not posted here. This is because the strip-uploading system that Comic Fury offers is HTML based, and not FTP.. It works well enough for one strip a day, but doing masses of them is painfully slow. Still, I will keep picking away at adding them.

ComicGenesis saga continues 5th May 2017, 12:05 PM

After over a week of being unable to log in to my ComicGenesis account, it abruptly sprang back to life. Whether this state of affairs will continue is anyone's guess. I will continue to work on improving and expanding the site here, because I suspect sooner or later I'll still have to move. Stay tooned.

Plugging Away 3rd May 2017, 6:13 AM

I'm working on getting the various extra pages up here on the new site, and learning the HTML quirks of the new system. I've got the Cast page reposted. To correct one comment from my last post, I guess you all can't reply to these messages directly, or I haven't figured out how to allow it yet. If you've got something to say, you can post a message out on the "Comics" page. Do be aware that under the ComicFury system, your message will stay attached to the strip for the day it was posted, and not remain out front. I may try to install a comment-box again, but we'll see.

Thanks to fans Whitehound and Argadi for all they've done.

End of the ComicGenesis Era? 29th Apr 2017, 10:48 AM

Hello there. I've started using this blog feature here on ComicFury due to the problems over on ComicGenesis,

For many years now, CG has been slowly crumblng away, with fewer and fewer active strips and more and more spotty tech-maintenance. I've been sticking with it because it essentially still worked, and gave me what I wanted in terms of service (flexible HTML, FTP uploading, free.) But now it may have finally bit the dust; since April 23, I have been unable to log in and add new strips. It's not a problem with my password, depending on which method I try to use, things fall apart either before or after the point I get asked for it. And so far, no repsonse from the Last Surviving Tech Guy.

So here I am. I set up this site mainly because I figured this day was coming, and I'm moderately happy with the setup here. The biggest loss wil be no FTP uploading, which means ttransfering the archives over will take a looong time. I may hold off as long they continue to work over on CG. At the very least, I will post here to keep you all informed. Thanks for sticking with me. You will have to create a free ComicFury account if you want to reply to this message or to strips. I will switch on the comment function, so have at it.